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Arsenal Contemporary is proud to present Viruses Worth Spreading, an exhibition of new work by Hannah Perry on view from May 3 through July 2. The exhibition also comprised of Erotic Discourse 4, a performance by the artist, in collaboration with composer and musician Adam Bainbridge, performance curator Richie Shazam Khan, and clothing designer HYDRA.

Over the past few years Perry has combined video, sculpture, installation, music, and performance to navigate a terrain where taste and class interlock, where communicable and shared aesthetics are solidified, and where identity is performed. Through the artist’s interjections, Perry’s hometown in the North West of England is reimaged as an industrial landscape populated by souped-up cars and adolescent, too-tight tube tops. Industry here gives way to an everyday lifestyle and a so-called working class aesthetic, both abstract entities synthesized under the umbrella of culture and ritual.

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