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Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal is pleased to welcome Hannah Perry for a residency. In this residency the British artist created a body of research and 3 large scale artworks (between May 24 - July 28, 2016) This body of research that gesture towards haptic and aural realities, From the range of cinematic safe space, and the phantom vibrations of cell phones in our pockets, manifest hypothetical architectures, emotional landscapes. Where screens are embedded in our palms, architecture has responded with kinesthetic, tactile electronic displays. These artworks postulate different historical, dialogical narrative relationships to time as it has been regulated by technology, through immersive installation environments

SAFESPACE - The white enclosed box hovers over a sculptural urofoam seating area. A cushioned space to listen to 3 sound artwork. Spoken word and sentences recorded by perry are manipulated using sound design to create a sensurround experience to induce anxiety. What does fear sound like?

EMOTIONAL ARCHITECTURE - A scaffolding, multi sensory architectural installation including video, sound works and printing.  

VIBES - A sound work played into a triangular sculpture that ripples and warps the mirrored surface, and in doing so your own reflection of yourself and the world around you. 

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