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February 14 – March 14, 2015

On the floor stand five sculptures. Made of welded steel, mirrored or frosted metal, metal cables and hefty subwoofers, each is nearly 8 feet tall.

The sound piece is linked to the soundrack of the film in the second room.

The speaker cables join together and lead visitors to a darkened back gallery, where a 12-minute digital video, titled “You’re Gonna Be Great,” plays. Two customized car seats with subwoofers housed underneath, which vibrate when the video’s soundtrack is loudest, recalling the “Sensurround” effects from “Earthquake” nodding to perry's fascination with the Sensurround created at Universal studios in los angeles and a mark to her U.S debut in Hollywood. 

Steve Turner is pleased to present Always, a solo exhibition by London-based Hannah Perry which features video, sound sculpture and painting. Her works are a mash-up of processes and materials–screen printing, painting and collage on aluminum, vinyl and acrylic with welded steel adding heft to the installation. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a twelve minute video that will be screened in the project room. In turn, it will be connected via speaker wires to the mirror-finished sound sculptures that vibrate in the main room. Finally, Perry will install a selection of paintings on the walls of the main room which contain abstracted images from the video. As the images in the video are repeated in the paintings, so too is its rhythm and sound in the sound sculptures. In so doing, Perry animates through vibration her narrative relating to youth, love and power, from video to sound sculpture to painting.

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