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Jeanine Hofland,(Now Althuis  Hofland Fine Arts) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May 9 – July 4, 2015

Jeanine Hofland/Althuis  Hofland Fine Arts is proud to present the first solo exhibition within the gallery and within The Netherlands by British artist Hannah Perry (1984). Perry uses video as an assemblage of short found and self-shot film footage, of written and spoken words, slang language, phrases and sound clips deriving from whatever enters her gaze on a daily basis. By using a cut-and-past style, the linearity of any kind vanishes, and is swapped for a deliberate edit of confusement and messiness.
As video works form the backbone of her practice, the labyrinth-like installations, sound sculptures, screen print/ abstract panels, and performances naturally spiral out of this and kind of physicalize what has been visualized within the video works.
On the aluminium panels, the repetition and overlayment of silkscreen print images, words, logos and abstract brushstroke  mystify the direct reference to reality and clearly demonstrate a sense of human labor and involvement. Similar to this is the recurrence of subwoofers within the artists’ practice, making the sound more tangible

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